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Brenda Lu, Administrative Assistant & Sturge Kids Director

Brenda has been attending Sturge for over 20 years.  From the first time she visited she felt so much warmth and sincerity from the people in the congregation.  She feels blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring church that has helped her grow spiritually.  She also feels blessed that her children have been a part of this church family.  She hopes that every family who visits will have the same warm feeling as she did when she first came.

Contact: Brenda Lu

Reverend Hosomi, Nichigo Ministry Leader

Born in Japan, Rev. David T. Hosomi became a Christian and was baptized in 1947. Rev. Hosomi has received degrees from Kansai Bible Seminary in Japan (1952), Azusa Pacific University in California (B.A.,1965 ) and the American Baptist Seminary of the West (M.Div.). After retiring as pastor of the OMS Holiness Church in 2005, Rev. Hosomi has began ministering the Nichigo, Japanese speaking congregation in December 2005. To read his messages in Japanese, please visit his website:  http://penguinclub.net/hosomi.


5 Years After Kleen Energy Blast

5 Years After Kleen Energy Blast, ‘Main Actor’ Pays Fraction of $6.7 Million Fine

Caption Kleen Energy Explosion Bettina Hansen / Hartford Courant

An aerial view of the aftermath of an explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant located along the Connecticut River in Middletown Feb. 7, 2010. A total of six people died from injuries sustained in the blast.

An aerial view of the aftermath of an explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant located along the Connecticut River in Middletown Feb. 7, 2010. A total of six people died from injuries sustained in the blast. (Bettina Hansen / Hartford Courant)

Caption Kleen Energy Explosion Bettina Hansen / Hartford Courant

An aerial view of the aftermath of an explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant located along the Connecticut River in Middletown Feb. 7, 2010. A total of six people died from injuries sustained in the blast.

An aerial view of the aftermath of an explosion at the Kleen Energy Systems plant located along the Connecticut River in Middletown Feb. 7, 2010. A total of six people died from injuries sustained in the blast. (Bettina Hansen / Hartford Courant)

By Dave Altimari and Matthew Kauffman contact the reporters

Industrial Disasters Volcanic Eruptions Energy Resources Of $7 million fine, company in Kleen Energy plant blast pays $35,000

Five years after a deadly gas explosion at the Kleen Energy plant in Middletown, a company described by a federal safety official as the “main actor” responsible for the blast has paid only $35,715 toward what was originally nearly $6.7 million in fines imposed for worker safety violations.

Keystone Construction Maintenance Services of Massachusetts was cited for 110 violations following the Feb. 7, 2010, explosion, which killed six workers. Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed millions in fines. But in a groundbreaking settlement, federal officials, concerned that Keystone could be forced out of business in the aftermath of the explosion, reached an agreement in which the company was required to pay OSHA 5 percent of any annual revenue above a set amount for seven years.

Caption 2010 Kleen Energy Plant Explosion A wrap up of what happened on Sunday.

A wrap up of what happened on Sunday.

Caption 2010 Homes Near Plant Damaged Homes nearby suffered significant damage from the shockwave.

Homes nearby suffered significant damage from the shockwave.

The settlement set a minimum total payment of $250,000 $35,715 a year, starting in 2014 but OSHA officials projected that the agency could collect as much as $3 million through the novel agreement. In the first year of the settlement, however, the formula required Keystone to pay only the minimal wholesale nhl jerseys china amount, according to OSHA spokesman Ted Fitzgerald.

If the payments do not increase, Keystone’s $250,000 total penalty will represent a 96 percent reduction from the fine initially proposed by OSHA.

The Kleen Energy site cheap nba jerseys erupted in fire while workers were using pressurized natural gas to blow debris out of pipes in preparation for making the nearly completed plant operational. The highly flammable gas ignited, creating a horrific explosion that could be felt 40 miles away.

Six workers were killed: Peter Chepulis, Ronald Crabb, Raymond Dobratz, Kenneth Haskell, Roy Rushton and Chris Walters. Fifty more were injured.

OSHA fined 17 companies that it said had wholesale nhl jerseys “blatantly disregarded” industry standards, with the largest penalty assessed against general contractor O Industries of Torrington. The deadly blast also focused national attention on the risky practice of using flammable gas to clear pipes.

The OSHA violations covered a lengthy list of alleged mistakes and misdeeds inadequate training, poor configuration of vent pipes, failure to keep workers a safe distance away, use of welding equipment during the procedure.

The natural gas used to clean the pipes was discharged into a courtyard behind the main building. Investigators found that the vent pipes were placed in a horizontal position, so the gas built up in the courtyard, rather than dispersing into the atmosphere.

Investigators determined that before the explosion, enough gas built up in the courtyard to fill a basketball arena. With multiple possible ignition sources welding work, nearby space heaters, a spark from the blown out debris investigators never determined what caused the explosion.

Six months after the explosion, OSHA cited hundreds of health and safety violations that it said were committed by O two subcontractors that it had hired to perform the gas blow Keystone and Bluewater Energy Solutions of Atlanta; and 14 other companies.

O was the hardest hit, charged with 142 violations, including 117 deemed “willful” and carrying OSHA’s steepest $70,000 fine. All told, the company faced more than $8.3 million in penalties.

Keystone wasn’t far behind, with 110 violations and nearly $6.7 million in proposed fines. Bluewater was cited for 20 violations and faced about $900,000 in penalties.

Fourteen smaller subcontractors collectively faced $700,000 in fines for about 100 violations.

The companies were given 15 days to contest the fines. Many did, leading in most cases to dramatic reductions in the penalties ultimately imposed.

For example, O fine eventually was knocked down by 88 percent, with nearly all of the $70,000 violations reduced to unclassified violations that carried penalties of less than $9,000 each. O cheap jerseys free shipping eventually agreed to pay $1 million to settle the case. Its final payment was made last March.Articles Connexes:darker shades, predominantly Michael kors handbags navy when it was shown in Paris in March it still had fashion editors sitting up in their seats noting not just what they will be photographing for next season’s editorials but also, and perhaps more significantly, what they themselves want to wear. Perfectly executed coat dresses, tunics, riding boots with polished brass heels and strict lace separates with more than a nod to the narrow silhouette beloved of the Seventies were all entirely desirable and had the feel of investment pieces an over used phrase but an apposite one in this case over and cheap michael kors above something that will last for six months before seeming dated. Nodding to mid Nineties giants Helmut Lang and Jil Sander and, perhaps more controversially, even to MaxMara, the collection will doubtless cheap Michael Kors prove the type of commercial success that in the current climate LVMH executives might hitherto only have dreamed of. This, then, is a quiet revolution, but a revolution nonetheless. In Philo’s own words: “It was just about something

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