Sunday Worship

For those who cannot join us on Sunday, we will stream live worship, and provide a video for private worship on YouTube. Use these links to connect to the videos in the series: and write in on the search bar “Sturge Presbyterian Church” and then click on the photo of the front door . Click on this link for the latest sermon:

10:45 a.m.   Worship    (both in person and on Zoom. Call the church office to receive a link.   (650.344.6803)


During the service, we seek to connect to God through songs of praise, hymns, scripture, different prayer practices, the message, ukulele, hula, piano, and organ… using the gifts of the congregation to praise God. If you have a gift that you would like to share please contact the Worship Ministry Team at or

First Sunday Traditional Communion Service: On the first Sunday of the month, the sacrament of Communion is served. All who love Christ are welcome at the Table here. Four times during the year (Easter, World Communion (the first Sunday in October), Thanksgiving Sunday, and Christmas Sunday, we worship together as one multi-lingual congregation. On these Sundays, we try to select hymns that can be sung in English and Japanese, have both English and Japanese scripture readings and an English and Japanese communion liturgy. Japanese Bibles and hymnals can be found in the narthex, right in front of the sanctuary, or feel free to ask an usher and they will be happy to bring you one.

Also on Sundays, these activities are provided.

9:00 a.m.   Lectio Divina By Zoom

9:00 a.m.    Nichigo Service in Japanese

10:45 a.m. Adult Special Ed. Ministries Sunday School during worship service

(For personal devotions you may use this link for daily scripture readings.)

Parents of star recruit sue Kendrick Johnson Facebook group

The parents of the Lowndes High School student named in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the parents of Kendrick Johnson returned legal fire Thursday, suing a Facebook group dedicated to the late teen’s memory.

Two unnamed defendants are accused of influencing Florida State University officials to withdraw its scholarship offer to Brian Bell, a heavily recruited linebacker who committed to the Seminoles last February.

On January 26, the Facebook group “Kendrick Johnson Memorial” posted a plea urging FSU to rescind their offer to Bell, alleging the 17 year old “exhibited violent tendencies and a highly unusual appetite for fighting” while at Lowndes.

Kenneth Johnson and Jacquelyn Johnson, the parents of Kendrick Johnson, said they believe their son was killed. They spoke about the case Oct. 11 in Valdosta, Ga. The siblings were acting at the behest of their father, FBI agent Rick Bell, according to the suit, which alleges a cover up implicating the GBI, local law enforcement, school officials and virtually everyone else involved in the investigation into Johnson’s death, ruled an accident.

A federal probe, entering its 16th month, was subsequently launched. Attorney Michael Moore’s investigation, though neither one has been charged. The Lowndes sheriff found that the Bell brothers had alibis precluding cheap nhl jerseys china any involvement in Johnson’s death, including surveillance footage that revealed neither boy was near the gym where “KJ” was last seen.

The Facebook group targeted by the cheap nfl jerseys from china Bells has been a popular destination for those who believe the couple’s youngest son killed Johnson. In their plea to FSU, the owners of the group labeled Bell a likely “psychopath,” another libelous claim, according to the Bell’s suit, which also alleges slander and seeks at least $9 million in damages.

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