List of  most frequently asked questions

1. Can anyone sign up?                                                                  Return to Home Page

Yes, anyone who attends Sturge is welcome to sign up.  Anyone else who does not attend a church is also welcome to sign up.  However, if someone from another church wishes to attend, please remember that the intent of the small group is to gather, mature, and grow out.

2. What are the expectations for people who sign up?

To attend scheduled meetings, and come prepared to share and discuss.  Be willing to help the group with all aspects of small group life:  scheduling snacks, prayer requests, hosting etc.  Be willing to help clean up after meeting is done.

3. Is there limit to how many should be in a group?

Try to keep the small group around 12 people.  The idea behind a small group is to grow and mature together — get to really know one another.  If the group is too big, it becomes difficult to grow spiritually together.

4. What happens if a group gets too big?

It depends.  If a group gets too big, you would may want to split off for logistical reasons.  But you may also want to split off if size is preventing you from growing spiritually.  If you are not sure, please speak to Pastor Paul.


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UVA Martese Johnson is known as leader in Chicago

His face is streaked with blood, his forehead gashed. Sprawled on the sidewalk, Martese Johnson cries out as the law enforcement officers handcuff him.

Johnson, a black University of Virginia student from Chicago, was injured early Wednesday during an arrest that was documented in photographs and video and spread on social media, prompting student protests and a call for an investigation by Virginia’s governor.

Overnight, the crimson soaked face of the college student has been thrust to the forefront of an ongoing national conversation on race and police tactics in America. In the aftermath of the fatal shootings by police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York, Johnson’s arrest is being denounced by some as the latest incident of brutality against unarmed black men.

Friends, family express shock at bloody arrest of UVA student from Chicago Tony Briscoe and Deanese Williams Harris

As Virginia’s governor ordered an investigation into the arrest of a black Chicago college student outside a pub, friends and family expressed shock that someone as highly regarded as Martese Johnson could wind up bloodied on the ground after a run in with police.

As Virginia’s governor ordered an investigation into the arrest of a black Chicago college student outside a pub, friends and family expressed shock that someone as highly regarded as Martese Johnson could wind up bloodied on the ground after a run in with police. ( Tony Briscoe and Deanese Williams Harris )

Witnesses say Johnson, a 20 year old who graduated from Kenwood Academy High School in the South Side’s Hyde Park neighborhood, was unnecessarily tackled by law enforcement officers early Wednesday outside a bar near campus. The arresting officer said Johnson “was very agitated and belligerent,” according to the arrest report. A uniformed Alcohol Beverage Control agent arrested Johnson after the student was refused entry into an establishment, according to a statement by Virginia’s alcohol control agency.

In a statement read by his attorney Thursday evening, Johnson said: “As the officers held me down, one thought raced through my mind: How could this happen? I trust the scars will one day heal, but the trauma cheap wholesale jerseys of what the officers did will stay with me forever.”

Johnson’s attorney said the cheap nfl jerseys third year student needed 10 stitches. A witness said Johnson tried to pull away from officers, who then wrestled cheap jerseys shop him to the ground. Johnson was charged on two counts: obstruction of justice without force, and public swearing or intoxication, Charlottesville General District Court records show.

Nation WorldMartese Johnson arrest raises questions about alcohol agency powersSee all related8 A video posted on YouTube shows Johnson on the ground being arrested, shouting at the officers: “I go to UVA! I go to UVA! . You f racists. How did this happen?”

Images of a bloodied Johnson have shaken those who know Johnson from his days at Kenwood Academy, where he was a highly regarded student who held several leadership roles.

“I myself have been harassed by police on many occasions,” said former Kenwood Academy student Stevie Powell, 22. “I never thought I’d be standing here talking about Martese being a victim of police brutality.”

Supporters of Johnson are calling for an investigation of the officers, with the hashtag JusticeforMartese a rally cry on social media. A GoFundMe page started by Johnson’s Chicago classmates had raised more than $3,000 of its $5,000 goal by Thursday afternoon. The page said Johnson was a member of the university’s Honor Committee and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and described his arrest as “animalistic” and “insensitive,” the same words used Wednesday in a post on the UVA Black Student Alliance Facebook page, which called for an independent investigation into his arrest.

Kendale Johnson, who isn’t related to Martese, started the GoFundMe page Wednesday afternoon after speaking with Johnson’s mother.

“It’s an atrocity. I never thought this would happen to a Kenwood student, let alone Martese,” Johnson said. “One would think we would be safer at school than in Chicago, but we are literally unsafe everywhere. It’s just no respect for black males.”

Former Kenwood Academy Principal Elizabeth Kirby told the Tribune on Wednesday night that Johnson is a “great, wonderful, brilliant leader.” And she said, “He’s the epitome of the kind of student you want to graduate from your school.”

Powell called Johnson “Pops” because he looked up to him for being a good student and a popular leader on campus. Powell cheap nhl jerseys remembered Johnson as “clean cut,” genuine and as someone who unified teammates on the football and volleyball teams.

“Martese was one of the ones that corralled us to get our head in the game,” Powell said.

UVA student Bryan Beaubrun, one of those who said he was with Johnson and photographed the arrest, said Johnson was trying to get into the Trinity Irish Pub when he was stopped by a bouncer. Then, an ABC officer grabbed Johnson by the arm and pulled him away from the bar to speak with a group of police officers, Beaubrun said.

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