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Keep them in your prayers each day.  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  Matthew 9:37-38

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John and Etsuko Martin, former Nichigo secretary, along with their son Chris. The Martins have a burden for the more than 125 million people in Japan who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior. They have served as a family in a variety of settings in Japan, including two universities, with a denominational “Christian Center,” with several existing church fellowships and ministries, and in their home, using the gifts and experiences God has given them.

Please keep the Martins in your prayers – for renewed energy, encouragement, and  effectiveness in their ministry to the people of Japan; for their financial and housing needs to be met; and for the people of Japan to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Information on the Martins  http://johnetsu.wordpress.com/

Jim and Terui Grace: Orientation and Training Coordinators in Sapporo, Japan for OMF International. Please pray for 30 new ministry partners to support them monthly in prayers and donations.


Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers Sigh With Relief

Coverage of her case in the press sparked a huge demand for more information on this new cutting edge treatment. Jan Wilks is only one of stem cell therapy success stories.

Stem cell treatment involves topical injections and requires only a few hours stay at one of the 12 international clinics. In a typical MS case, there are multiple injections of the contents of a single vial of stem cells. into the vein of an unusable hand, or into the skin near an eye with visual problems.) They are not injected into the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) itself. However, the exact way the stem cells are administered is specific to each MS patient. The focus is on areas of greatest need. cheap jerseys Cells are injected into specific sites of demyelination as indicated by a MRI report and into areas of greatest clinical need.

This method of Patient Specific Injection Protocol appears to deliver the fastest and strongest responses recorded.

If there is damage to the brain stem cells are injected into the skin using the surface anatomical markers of various regions of the brain. For example if there is damage to the cerebellum, the injection of stem cells would be subcutaneously over the wholesale jerseys from china occipit (back of the head). There are no risks involved in this. The stem cells are able to reach damaged areas in the brain by traveling through the bloodstream. This is very straightforward as cord blood stem cells are derived from blood. One of their primary functions is to migrate to sites of need in the body through a process called homing. With homing to the brain, the blood brain barrier opens up to accept stem cells as it does for any other blood cell. In addition, a drip can be given intravenously an hour before the stem cells treatment to cause a slight dehydration of the brain making the barrier more receptive.

In MS, the damage in the brain and spinal cord does not follow a predictable pattern. Also, the findings of plaques shown on an MRI scan do not necessarily correlate with the degree of clinical severity. This makes the process of injecting directly into the brain matter or spinal fluid problematic as well as incredibly risky. For these reasons the stem cells are injected into the skin over the spine and brain and not into it.

Data shows benefits derived from stem cell therapy in both Progressive and Relapsing/Remitting types of MS. However, the type and speed of benefits, extent of regeneration and biological methods by which regeneration occurs may differ from PP to RR; however results are consistent in both types. All the above variables differ vastly from case to case within the categories of PP to RR, making it difficult to compare categories. Study groups are planned to generate a more specific answer to this question. The most important factor between cases noted to date is not the type of MS, but prescription medications (ABC drugs, antibiotics, chemotherapy) which due to inherent toxicity factors inhibit stem cell activity and significantly reduce the probability of benefit.

Once the stem cells have been injected they travel to the areas of damage/demyelination/inflammation via a process called The stem cells follow the bodies naturally produced chemical signals released when the body is under stress, damage or repair. These messages attract stem cells to the areas in need. Once the stem cells reach their target there are five main mechanisms, or combinations of mechanisms, by which the stem cells contribute to neurological repair. These are:

1)Transdifferentiation: Once mature, the previously primitive cells assume the function of a more specialized cell type.

2)Transdetermination: Redirection of a cell cheap jerseys free shipping to produce other types of cells.

3)De differentiation: Mature cells are triggered to move back up the hierarchical ladder model to become able to produce any kind of cell.

4)Fusion: The stem cell fuses with existing cells to create a that has access to suppressed DNA and is able to perform neurological repair. The injections themselves take under five minutes.

Some clients report a warm rushing sensation following the injection and mild sleepiness for several days. Others report a boost of energy and euphoria. Some people experience nothing notable at the time of treatment but report clinical benefits later.

The therapy is designed to function as a single treatment and each case is assessed for future treatment needs on an individual basis. In each case, goals must be set regarding desired treatment benefits. If these goals are not met by the first treatment, there may be a need for booster treatments. Follow ups are done at regular intervals by the consulting physician and Follow wholesale jerseys Up Coordinators. The cost of treatment is currently 19,500 euros while re treatments for clients treated in 2005 are offered at a discounted rate of 10,000 euros.

The Treatment Outcome

In best case scenarios, progressive cases have returned to normal function and retain these benefits past the one year mark and don require boosters.

ACT has developed a Rating Scale based on the patients own subjective reports of the benefits the patients consider important to them and their daily activities. bladder control; sexual function; hand function.)

Rating 2: Multiple benefits that meet the patient personal goals.

Rating 3 (highest rating): An overall response beyond the expectations of both the patient and conventional doctors.

Jan Wilks experienced results very quickly which happens occasionally. On average, treatment benefits usually peak between three and six months after treatment then plateau at one year.Articles Connexes:

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